Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learn yourself

My mom,
She is a beloved one,
the one who adores me most;

She woke up at midnight for me,
When,I was a child.
She shed tears for me,
When I was sick.

She tolerated so much for me,
She loves me most
She heeds me most.
She teaches me to live,
She guides me,
She is my light.

She scolds me when i get bad scores,
Then she encourages me to study well.
With the spirit of that wine of love,
I will be the best.

What a kismet is mine?
I cannot understand her.
I went away from her.
Now,she is not with me,
Moreover nobody is with me,
Am alone in this world...
this is not at all a good place to live,
I want to escape from this den of dirt..

Nevertheless,where would I go?
is there any place 
that will give enough security to me?
Its to late now,
I want to go back
I will go back to my home.
that's the heaven in this world.
My parents will be real happy.

At last,
I found the most secure place in this world,
My Mother's Laptop..

Parents are our torches,
they may not be graduates,
they may be illiterate,
Do not make them fools,
be sincere to them.

there  will be large spider webs aiming at you.
Do not make yourself fools!!!

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